When the classic advertisement campaign doesn't work because we want to send the message to a certain target audience, we use the direct marketing. We can use this tool to reach the customers straight away. This tool is also good for companies to communicate between each other (B2B), or for the government to to communicate to its organizations (B2Government).

Email Marketing (eDM) Campaign

Email Marketing (eDM) Campaign - © ANDERSOON AND BLAISE 2009The classic direct marketing world widened, with the electronic opportunities of the internet. The filtered address list in the data bases- built by us or by our customers- we can send individual messages to everyone. This method is cheap and with the hyperlinks' help it could be attached to websites which inspires to direct action.


PRINT CAMPAIGNS - © ANDERSOON AND BLAISE 2009Using marketing data bases we make address lists individually or by our partner we send the direct marketing packages ( like flyers, brochures etc.) to customers.


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