In our rushing world the visual experience becomes more important which is the form of the visible message. From the comprehensible impulses by our eyes we can get the colours and shapes into the system. We offer solutions of creating this system in many areas.


IMAGE PLANNING - © ANDERSOON AND BLAISE 2009We draw logos,images from shapes, pictures and colours. The logos and images are going to be a signature for the companies and the brands. That's why we think it's important to create a modern, company reflective graphic. We can make everything from logos, images to magazine layouts , digital signature. Our modern, stylish images are suitable to make the communication of your business efficient.


BROCHURE DESIGN - © ANDERSOON AND BLAISE 2009The products by us like brand and product catalogues, simple flyers, company introductions, brochures, posters, indoor and outdoor graphics can be part of a complex campaign or they can be individual issues. We make sure that their design happens with the highest standard and attention to make our customers satisfied.


PACKAGING DESIGN - © ANDERSOON AND BLAISE 2009The packaging gives us the first impression to decide to buy or not to buy a product. By the packaging the brand and the product unite together. This is the face of the product which makes us identify a product. The well- designed packaging always gives us positive emotion which can ensure us that we made the product valuable to customers.


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