"Valtson stilust!" ATL campaign

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ALBACOMP - "Megorulok erted" campaign (online + DM)
"Megorulok erted" campaign (online + DM)
ALBACOMP - "Tobbet egy csapasra!" ATL campaign
"Tobbet egy csapasra!" ATL campaign
ALBACOMP - "Valtson stilust!" ATL campaign
"Valtson stilust!" ATL campaign
ABORIGINAL - abOriginal ATL campaign
abOriginal ATL campaign
ALBACOMP - Albacomp HP On-line campaign
Albacomp HP On-line campaign
ALBACOMP - Albacomp Online Product registration
Albacomp Online Product registration
CIB LÍZING - CIB Leasing Direkt Hitel ATL campaign
CIB Leasing Direkt Hitel ATL campaign
CIB LÍZING - CIB Leasing Flotta finanszírozás ATL campaign
CIB Leasing Flotta finanszírozás ATL campaign
KENVELO - Kenvelo offline campaign
Kenvelo offline campaign
CHIMPEX - VIFON FMCG product introductions
VIFON FMCG product introductions

ALBACOMP - 25 years at forefront of Informatics - logo planni
ALBACOMP - Albacomp corporate identity planning
ALBACOMP - Activa MiniPC logo planning
ALBACOMP - "Tobbet egy csapasra!" image
ALBACOMP - Classmate product picture
ALBACOMP - Image Brochure
ALBACOMP - DM Brochure
ALBACOMP - Packaging design - Activa MiniPC
ALBACOMP - Packaging design - Starbox HDD
ALBACOMP - Product registration flyer
ALBACOMP - Printers 2008 - Product Guide
ALBACOMP - Lenovo flyer
ALBACOMP - "Valtson stilust!" DM flyer
ALBACOMP - Albacomp "Megorulok erted" DM
ALBACOMP - "Tobbet egy csapasra!" advertisements
ALBACOMP - "Tobbet egy csapasra!" DM flyer
ALBACOMP - Classmate PC microsite
ALBACOMP - Integrity microsite
ALBACOMP - Albacomp Outlet website
ALBACOMP - Notebook webshop
ALBACOMP - Albacomp product registration microsite
ALBACOMP - Albacomp - HP notebook banner (B)
ALBACOMP - Albacomp - HP notebook banner (A)
ALBACOMP - Albacomp Tablet PC - banner
ALBACOMP - Albacomp - "Kifutó termékek fél áron" banner
ALBACOMP - Albacomp Notebook 3G radio spot
ALBACOMP - Albacomp - AlbaPack Garancia banner
ALBACOMP - Albacomp "Megőrülök érted" banner
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